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Read how Kieran Hawkin, Geoff Bull and James McWalter have changed how brands should approach paid social experiences

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The challenge

How can we stand out on social with paid ads?

Homeware is a heavily crowded market. There are thousands of options for people to pick from whether it's brand, style, material etc. For Swyft to stand out on the news feed of their prospects there needs to be a compelling reason why someone will pick them - or even remember them in the first place.

The Approach

Launch AR experiences on Facebook and Instagram with App-less AR on the web

Each time a visitor hits the Swyft site there's a chance our AR ads could be shown to them on a simple remarking basis. This is all we need to remind people who's shown interest that we've got the ability to alleviate their anxieties that stopped them purchasing in the first place - does it fit and does it suit? 

AR answers these questions rapidly for the shopper with most feeling comfortable after about 20 seconds in AR to complete their purchase.

initial results



Ad Spend on AR ad sets




Revenue Generated


Return On Investment



Ad Spend on AR ad sets




Revenue Generated


Return On Investment

The reaction

AR is bringing a real Wow-factor to our site and social media.

AR ad campaigns are performing 28% better than video on Facebook

Geoff Bull
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