About us

Nerds, creatives, analytists and strategists. Diversity of mindset

Allen CEO
Shravan Dev
Niamh UX
Elizabeth 3D
Alan Advisor


Founded in Limerick in 2018, originally No Place Like, Plop is helping retailers across Europe and North America stand out with technology.

We've been super grateful to have been funded by Enterprise Ireland, European Union and plenty others along our journey. We hope you join us to be part of it.

“Our goal is to get AR into the hands of as many people as possible; letting them design everything from their dream home to perfect factory layout.”


We're always looking for great people. If you or someone you know thinks you'd be a good fit then please reach out. Here's a list of our current top priorities.

  • Sales development
  • Machine learning
  • Full stack developer
  • 2022 - Customer success