Launching AR In Store and Online

Read how Jennifer Lonergan and the Michael Murphy Home Furnishing team launched across across Ireland with dozens of staff and in store displays

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The challenge

How can we launch AR in an Omni-Channel environment?

With many retailers launching AR in Ireland, execution is a key differentiator. For Michael Murphy, having AR in store both physically on kiosks, cards and screens and in the sales people's repertoire and knowledge was key.


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The Approach

Kiosks, Codes, Ambassadors and Screens

Sales teams found AR especially useful for the consideration stage, being able to bring it home is hugely beneficial for conversions. Staff can hand customers a QR code to digitally take the product home.

The AR experience works in a variety of stores such as large stores such as Blanchardstown or Airside that don’t stock the full range, sales staff can showcase products in store that they don't physically stock for a unique blend of digital and physical selling.


The reaction

For a sales person the worst thing is losing the customer out the door without a reason to come back, this helps that 

Jennifer Lonergan
eCommerce and Marketing

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