Trailblazing AR on TikTok in Ireland

Read how Gavin, Laura and Cliodhna have changed how brands should approach TikTok with AR

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The challenge

How can we get ahead on a new platform?

With brands increasingly needing to be in many places at once, the team in Cork decided to launch a product in AR on TikTok to test and learn what's possible.

Virality and sharability are at the core of TikTok and Gavin and the team knew they needed content that was ultra share-worthy.

The Approach

Launch AR experiences on tikTok

The team picked from a large library of products that they had extensively invested in modelling in 3D over the previous years.

Starting with the Oledo barstool, a long time best seller, viewers were able to place the item in their homes and make content native to TikTok.

initial results

First Weekend


AR Views


Likes of videos with the effect


Videos Created with the effect


Shares of the effect

The reaction

"Incredible engagement in the space of a weekend. AR across all platforms is vital to our blended social and in-store technology strategy.

Gavin White

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