October 26, 2020

Promoting and Sharing Effects on Instagram and Facebook

Promoting and sharing your effects are the best ways to help people discover and try them for themselves in the Facebook camera.

Sharing Facebook Effects

Sharing on your Pages

You can share your effect on a company or organization's Facebook Page that you admin.

To do this:

  1. Go to your Page on the Facebook mobile app
  2. Tap •••
  3. Tap Open Camera as Page
  4. Take a photo or video using your effect in the Facebook camera
  5. Share your photo or video as a post

When you share a photo or video with a camera effect as a Page, your post will include a button for your followers on mobile devices to try the effect themselves.

To make the post more visible, you can also pin it to the top of your Page. Please keep in mind that if you associated your effect with a Page or an app when building the effect, the Page or app must be published before you share the post.

Sharing on personal Profiles

You can also share your effect with friends and family on your own Facebook profile. Simply take a photo or video in the Facebook camera using your effect and post it to your timeline.

Sharing on other platforms

Facebook isn't the only place you can share and promote your effects. You can use a simple hyperlink to share your camera effect in posts you make on Facebook as well as other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, or on your own website or blog. You can get these links from where you view and manage your effects.

If your audience clicks the link while using a mobile device, it will open to your effect in the Facebook camera. If your audience is on a desktop computer, the link will take them to a page where they can preview your effect and send a notification to their mobile devices to try it themselves.

Boosting posts made with your effects

Pages can also boost posts for increased visibility. Boosted posts appear higher in News Feed, which increases the likelihood that your audience will see them. Boosting posts costs money, but different budgeting options are available. Learn more about boosting posts.

Sharing calls to action

If someone shares a photo or video with your effect from the Facebook camera, it will post with a note prompting people to Take a photo or video with this effect along with a Try It button that links to the camera with the effect open.

If someone shares a photo or video with your effect to Facebook from your app, it will post to Facebook with a note attributing the effect to your app and prompting people with an Open in App button that links to your app with the effect open.

Sharing Instagram Effects

Head to your page > click the effects tab > Select an effect > Try it or DM it to your followers

Sharing on Instagram:

  • Post to Instagram Stories showing you and others using your effect. For example, create a highlight reel of photos or videos for your effect. You can even create a reel that shows your followers using your effect.
  • You can capture a photo or video using your effect, save it, and then post it on Instagram to reach followers who have not seen your effect in your Stories.
  • Add the sharing link for your effect to your Instagram profile bio, or use your effect in your profile photo.

Sharing outside of Instagram

  • Add the effect's sharing link to your website and post it on other social media platforms.

Tips for sharing Instagram effects

  • Include a clear action for your followers to try your effect. Remember, if someone follows you they will already have your effect in the Instagram camera.
  • Mix up the use of your effect with different formats: try video, boomerang and photos.
  • Tag people in Instagram Stories and posts - the more accounts who use your effect, the more it can spread to people who do not follow you.
  • Post about your effect frequently, but also space posts apart over a few weeks to ensure your followers see that you launched the effect.
  • Publish Instagram Stories and posts at the optimum time of day when your followers are online.

Other Ways to Share Facebook and Instagram Effects

Think about new and exciting ways to share and promote your effect. You could:

  • Ask influential people associated with your brand to use your effect
  • Find creative uses for your effect, like a #throwbackthursday post
  • Create a contest for people to use your effect in creative ways
  • Build anticipation by pre-announcing the release of your effect.